SBS Tiptoeing Around Trying Not To Attract Tony Abbott’s Attention


After seeing how its big brother ABC was punished for insubordination, Australia’s other major publicly funded television network has been keeping its head down around the house.

“ABC was forbidden from playing with some of its friends and had its pocket money cut for mouthing off so I’m not going to take any chances”, said SBS yesterday as it quietly read a book in its room. “I’m worried that if I do something naughty Tony Abbott will take my soccer ball away. If he ever watches South Park I’m sure to get my mouth washed out with soap.”

“How come SBS gets away with World News and Insight and spending half its life showing nothing but cycling and I get in trouble for having one chat with that Muslim kid from down the street,” complained a grumpy ABC as it mowed the lawn as part of its punishment. “Now I’m worried that I’m going to be grounded and won’t be able to go to Q&A with my mate Malcolm next week.”

Both SBS and ABC have expressed feelings of jealousy over how Tony Abbott seems to be playing favourites with adopted younger brother Foxtel.

Peter Green

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