Mafia Release Statement Saying, ‘Bill Who?’


Following last week’s Four Corner’s report into the Mafia’s links to Australian politics, with a focus on the Liberal Party, the the show is planning a new program exploring the Mafia’s links to the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

A teaser clip released today by the ABC shows a senior Mafia figure being shown a picture of ALP Leader Bill Shorten to which they respond, “Who’s that?”

The failure to recognise Shorten is seen as a blow to the struggling Opposition leader. Some within his own party are starting to wonder that if Bill can’t inspire the Mafia, how will he win support from ordinary everyday criminals?

A spokesperson for the ALP told The (un)Australian: “The Mafia guy might have been camera shy! Come on! Bill is well known to criminals. I mean, he has worked with the CFMEU!”

The ABC failed to respond to The (un)Australian’s approach for comment. Our intern Zaky Mullah called and tweeted them, but they didn’t respond.

Mark Williamson

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