Mick Fanning Coward Punches A Shark


Animal activists have spoken out about Mick Fanning’s coward punch of an innocent shark in South Africa.

MoonBean Soya, spokesperson for the Animals Have Feelings Too Foundation (AHFTF), said: “This poor innocent shark was just swimming innocently by in its natural habitat when professional surfer Mick Fanning coward punched the shark. If Mr Fanning had of done that to a human being in Kings Cross he would be in jail by now, but because it was a mere fish, the authorities turn a blind eye.”

The AHFTF have called for Fanning to be charged with animal cruelty and also to be charged with the new coward punch laws that attract a minimum 10 year sentence.

Fanning hasn’t denied punching the shark. He was quoted as telling American journalists: “I punched him in the back.” Fanning claimed, insisting the shark threw the first punch and he was only acting self defense.

Police and theAHFTF are investigating the kerfuffle, however the shark was not available for comment.

Gus W Templeton

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