Bronwyn Bishop Appears Clapped Out


Former House of Representatives speaker and the MP most likely to be named Australia’s next Minister for Aviation Bronwyn Bishop appears to be all clapped out.

After yesterday’s announcement that Tony Smith would replace Ms Bishop in the role of speaker, all Parliament joined in to applauded his appointment, with the exception of Ms Bishop.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, a spokesperson for the former speaker explained: “Ms Bishop is not clapped out. She had endured a long commute to Parliament that day from her Canberra residence and, as we all know, when you travel by helicopter the vibrations take a toll on the body.”

Minister for Education and self-confessed Bronwyn-file, Christopher Pyne told The (un)Australian: “Why should dear Bronwyn clap? She shouldn’t have been demoted in the first place – she’s a living treasure! Did I ever tell you she’s my hero? She’s everything I wish I could be. I could fly higher than an eagle, with Bronwyn as the wind beneath my wings.”

Following her demotion, Bronwyn Bishop will be keeping a low profile, and is expected to help the Defence Department trial new planes and helicopters. It is believed initial trials will include bombing raids over Tony Burke’s electorate.

Mark Williamson

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