Mark Latham Calls For Trolling To Be Taught In Schools


Former Opposition Leader and the only man that the taxi industry has recommended try using Uber, Mark Latham, has called for schools to add trolling to the curriculum.

The move comes as Latham “resigned” yesterday as a columnist from The Australian Financial Review over a controversial twitter account, which he appeared to use to troll prominent females.

Speaking to The (un)Australian about his call for more trolling,  Mr Latham said: “Kids today are too soft, ‘oh mummy the bad man tweeted at me’, please in my day I turned up to school got a punch in the face and was called names and that was just from the teachers.

“We are turning into a nation of namby pambies, it started when we elected that squib Kevin Rudd and now look we’re giving women Australian of the Year honours, please, now excuse me I’m off to scream at the koalas, those lazy pricks sleep 20 hours a day, they need to get a job.”

Education Minister Christopher Pyne was reached for comment on Mr Latham’s proposal, however he directed us to the Minister for Mental Health.


Mark Williamson

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