Nation’s Satirists Take Long Overdue Holiday On Tropical Island


Australia’s exhausted satirical writers have jetted off for three well-earned weeks of vacation on a tropical island following the overthrow of Tony Abbott as prime minister.

“The past two years have been non stop: Biting onions, winking when listening to that phone sex worker, helicoptergate, shirtfronting Putin… it’s been exhilarating but my sarcasm valve is in serious need of a recharge,” said Amos Smirk, writer for satirical website The Daily Terrorgraph. “I’m looking forward to putting my feet up and drinking cocktails with little umbrellas sticking up out of them and getting my hair braided.”

“I’m really hoping that three weeks without having to listen to Christopher Pyne sound bites will make my twitch go away,” said Sally Kneejerk from fake newspaper The Cement Mixer. “I’m picturing that tropical island already, unless it’s that one that Peter Dutton thinks is going underwa…”

“Stop right there Sally,” said Maureen Innerwest, editor of current affairs send-up blog The Bilby. “We’re on holidays now, you can park your caustic wit right down there on the sand next to that hunky massage guy.”

Australia’s satirists are expected back from the tropical island just in time to get rabidly satirical about the Labor Party leadership spill.

Peter Green

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