Employer Criticised For Not Giving Employee Savage Bollocking

Sales and Turnbull

An employer has been widely condemned for failing to scare the living daylights out of an employee in their first week of a new job.

Leigh Sales, 7:30 presenter and an Australian taxpayer, was openly criticised for missing an opportunity to publicly disparage and humiliate Malcom Turnbull, a newly appointed public servant. Ms Sales, acting on behalf of the group of employers in charge of Mr Turnbull, failed to turn the heat up sufficiently to make Turnbull as fretful and anxious as he might have been.

Mature-aged worker Turnbull, 60, was promoted to his new position one week ago, and the interview with his employer was part of his induction period. It was hoped by many among the nationwide consortium employing Turnbull that Ms Sales would use the opportunity to tear the worker a new ringpiece, instead she conducted herself in a courteous, professional manner in keeping with the ABC charter.

Brian Kerr

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