LNP Blocks Ian Macfarlane From Taking A Jump To The Left


The Liberal National Party Executive (LNP) has  blocked Liberal backbencher Ian Macfarlane from taking a jump to the left at the LNP Christmas party. There was no word though on whether they allowed him to take a step to the right or if indeed he was able to do the timewarp again.

A spokesperson for the LNP executive talked to The (un)australian about the restrictions of Macfarlane’s dancing, saying, “Look we just can’t have our members dancing with whoever they choose. Sure it starts with a jump to the left but next thing you know it’s a slow tango in Paris and you’re going too far on the first date with a suitor who simply wants to get into your emissions.”

“I mean what’s wrong with the nutbush? Everyone likes the nutbush, it’s a song and a dance that respects limits.”

When reached for comment Ian Macfarlane was unavailable as he was undertaking his weekly dance class, according to his spokesperson this week’s course is devoted to line dancing.

Mark Williamson


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