Newly Renovated Lodge Includes Full Set Of Dogs Playing Pool Paintings


Lucy Turnbull has proudly unveiled the completed renovations of the Prime Minister’s official residence “The Lodge” to the media, in which pride of place has gone to a full set of the famous “Dogs Playing Pool” paintings.

“I felt that Australia’s most important house should reflect the best possible taste in artwork so we were very happy to acquire the originals of Arthur Sarnoff’s canines in the bar room masterpieces,” said Ms Turnbull as she showed off her new home. “We also have this fine drawing of two tigers lying down next to each other in bed looking like a loving human couple, which we were very lucky to find at a garage sale that a bikie was holding in the next street.”

The media were also shown a selection of new crocheted toilet roll covers that the Turnbull’s picked up on Etsy. The front lawn has been ripped up and replaced with a broad expanse of small white pebbles, in the middle of which lies a water feature consisting of a blue ceramic globe. A big Buddha head the couple bought back from Bali sits in the corner of the yard. The shed has been converted into a ‘man-cave’ where the PM can show off his collection of signed sporting memorabilia to visiting foreign dignaitories.

The choice of artwork has sparked controversy with Australian artists complaining that the Turnbull’s are ignoring local talent.

“I can’t see why they have to display the dogs playing pool when my own series of paintings of kangaroos playing totem tennis are just as good,” said irate Wangaratta artist Clem Whitesmock. “At the very least they should be displaying the painting of Doug Walters, John Newcombe and all the other Australian sporting identities of the 1970s hanging out in a pub.”

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