Cardinal Pell May Miss Royal Commission Hearing Due To Bout Of ‘Justicitis’


“George is feeling pretty unwell and not really up to flying to Australia for your hearing,” Cardinal George Pell’s doctor has written in a letter to the Royal Commission Into Child Sexual Abuse.

Although the exact details of Pell’s illness are not known, it is believed he is suffering from a relatively rare, but serious condition known as “justicitis”, whereby the victim suffers such extreme adverse reactions from legal hearings as to find travel to any hearings impossible.

The Vatican-based cardinal was due to fly to Ballarat next month to give evidence at a commission hearing on his response to child sex abuse allegations within the Catholic Church in Australia. An earlier hearing at which Pell was set to give evidence was postponed due to poor health.

The effects of justicitis on individual sufferers can vary quite widely. For instance, one of the most well-known victims of justicitis, fugitive Australian businessman Christopher Skase, had his lungs so badly affected by legal matters that he was often unable to walk.

So severe was Skase’s case in the 1990s, that while generally able to enjoy his normal, multi-millionaire existence on a Majorcan beach, the very mention of the word “extradition” left him wheelchair bound.

In Pell’s case, it is his heart that is reportedly affected. Several commentators, however, have raised questions as to the validity of Pell’s complaint on grounds that his role in the Church response to widespread child abuse raises serious doubts over whether Pell actually has a heart.

In the letter, the doctor indicated that Pell may prove well enough to attend the hearing via video link up. However, the letter did note that the Internet connection at the Vatican was notoriously poor and there was a strong possibility Skype could crash at crucial moments in the ailing clergyman’s testimony.

Carlo Sands

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5 replies

  1. Why doesn’t the royal commission get a doctor to pop over and check Pell out? As a clergy he’s well versed in not telling the truth so to trust him would perhaps be ill advised. If the doctor decides the cleric is in poor health but well enough to be grilled electronically, give him an iphone with some credit and put Pell on the line. To maintain some pressure, a small team of clerical child rape abuse victims should be on hand to just keep an eye on proceedings.


  2. He has already attended two commission enquiries plus a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry. Why not set up a video link? As noted by others no one can actually say what his real or imaginary crime is.


  3. Justicitis? I’d call it “Anti-Christian-Witch-Hunt-it-is”.
    If they’re that hungry for their pound of flesh, they can interview him via video link.


  4. He acts the tough guy in ecclesiastical palaces but lacks faith that his God will keep him alive on a plane trip, to testify over his own actions ‘on God’s behalf”! If he, a cardinal in Rome, is afraid of death then his years of striding around in robes and rosaries has been a waste hasn’t it? Cardinal Pell is not adverse to pressuring and disadvantage the victims of his colleagues highly criminal actions and his institution’s hypocritical actions. See the movie ‘Spotlight’.


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