Federal Government Cancels Tony Abbott’s Visa

Abbott Poster

The Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton has cancelled the visa of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott ahead of Mr Abbott’s proposed trip to the United States. Mr Abbott is due to address the ultra-conservative Alliance Defending Freedom in keeping with his promise to withdraw from the public spotlight having lost his party’s leadership in September

The move to cancel Mr Abbott’s visa follows the minister’s earlier decisions to cancel the visas of anti-abortion activist Troy Newman  and controversial “pick-up artist” Jeff Allen. Mr Dutton explained his decision at a press conference earlier today. “We reserve the right to cancel the visa of anyone coming in or out of Australia who is seeking to promote a dangerous and hateful agenda. And using that criteria, it is therefore appropriate that Tony’s passport is for the time being cancelled.”

It is understood that the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has requested legal advice as to whether or not Mr Abbott’s citizenship could be revoked under the Foreign Fighter’s legislation on grounds that his predecessor would be travelling overseas to support an extremist religious organisation.


Nathan Lentern

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6 replies

  1. This is surely a joke, is the Turncoat mob so scared of Tony’s popularity that they have to stoop so low, this will make the government the laughing stock of the word


  2. Come on!!! … It’s the 1st of February, not the 1st of April …. This has to be a joke …. We have Islamic Book Shops, Mosques and other radical preachers within our communities that apparently wear the teflon coat of immunity (in case we offend them). I think in this case, Tony Abbott has a much greater appreciation of the facts and support than what the Government realises.


    • Bruce – Islamic bookshops (or anything else even vaguely related to Islam) are automatically ‘radical’? You sound like a bit of an extremist yourself.
      (also, learn critical thinking … or just look at the sidebar for other ‘headlines’. will save you getting all huffy over satire)


  3. This is a fake news site. It’s not true.


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