KKK Keen To Have Tony Abbott Speak To Them About The Importance Of Families


American bed sheet enthusiasts and occasional racists the Ku Klux Klan have extended an invitation to fellow Christian Tony Abbott to address them on his upcoming tour of the United States.

Mr Abbott has headed to America to address the Alliance Defending Freedom, a collection of individuals committed to defending the rights of the family by persecuting the gay and lesbian community.

A KKK spokesperson told The (un)Australian about the invitation to Abbott: “When we heard your former Prime Minister was coming to talk to the bigots, we thought why not grab him to chat to us racists too?

“As a fellow Christian, we have a lot in common. We want to stop immigration and send people back to where they come from. Although Tone goes a bit harder than us, I mean that Manus island place sounds like hell on earth, still he’s a man of God.”

A spokesperson for Mr Abbott couldn’t be reached, however colleague Eric Abetz has offered to speak in Mr Abbott’s place should he be double booked.

Mark Williamson

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