My Kitchen Rules Kitchens Condemned


The Food Authority of NSW has condemned the kitchens used in My Kitchen Rules due to unhygienic kitchen practices, but a spokesperson for the Food Authority says that it’s not the infringements that is the worrying issue, as they are only serving the food to “some stuck up food judges and wanna be chefs”.

The main issue, the spokesperson said, is that they are happily broadcasting the poor practices to the “watching reality cooking while eating take-out” public, which could lead to a large scale outbreak of people choking on a hair or excess makeup finding its way onto a spoon.

When The (un)Australian asked the food authority lead investigator about their rejected application to be a contestant on MKR, they said: “Look, it isn’t about me, it is about the correct use of hair nets, clean surfaces, less arrogance and more chicken salt. Anyway, my friends say my Spag Bol is the best!”

Investigations into the health and safety are continuing nightly after the start of Season 7 on Monday night, and will continue through to “whenever season 8 of Masterchef will be on, not that I care, I didn’t want to go on the show anyway.”

After consulting with the wardrobe department of Masterchef about adding hair nets, a spokesperson said: “We can’t offer hair nets to our contestants as Coles does not stock them and also they look ugly.”

Justin Andersen

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