Tony Abbott Endorses Niki Savva’s Book As Proof He Excelled As Minister For Women


Former Minister for Women Tony Abbott has endorsed journalist Niki Savva’s new book, The Road To Ruin: How Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin Ruined Their own Government, as proof that the ex-prime minister’s time heading the women’s ministry was successful.

A spokesperson for Mr Abbott told The (un)Australian: “Tony sees Niki’s book as an endorsement of how successful he was as Minister for Women. I mean Niki is a woman and she wanted to write about him. His Chief of Staff Peta, who is also a woman, is the focus of the book as well.

“I mean as Minister for Women, his role was to put the spotlight on women and I think we can all agree that he has done just that.”

The book’s release has led to calls for Abbott to leave parliament. The spokesperson did not rule out the move, saying: “Tony has a lot to offer the people of Australia at this stage he sees being in Parliament as the best way to do that.

“However he would not rule out jumping ship should another role come about, such as Special Envoy to the United Nations for the Advancement of Women.”

Mr Turnbull could not be reached for comment as he was currently meeting with his book club.

Mark Williamson

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