Trump Demands Bernie Sanders Reveals His 11 Secret Herbs and Spices


Republican presidential candidate and ex-steak salesman Donald Trump has demanded that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders reveals to the American people just exactly what is in his secret 11 herbs and spices mix that coat his famous chicken.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Trump said: “I think America needs to know what Bernie is hiding in his 11 herbs and spices mix. Is it ISIS? Al Qaeda? Nutmeg? Americans have the right to know just what it is that he’s hiding.”

The (un)Australian contacted Mr Sanders for comment, with the senator from Vermont responding: “Trump is a fool and a liar. Now what did he say, oh that’s right, I am not Colonel Sanders I’m Bernie Sanders.”

When told of Mr Sanders reply, Mr Trump said: “Has anyone ever seen Bernie Sanders and Colonel Sanders in the same room together? I haven’t, maybe Bernie needs to show us all his birth certificate.

“In fact, I demand he shows us his birth certificate and tells us what’s in his 11 secret herbs and spices mix.”

President Barack Obama declined to comment on the birth certificate saga however he did inquire into Australian residency should Mr Trump win.

Mark Williamson

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  1. Trump Drumph whatever is a first class idiot as is the people who are following this fool are he’s a fascist Nazi sympathizer a xenophobe a racist he’s using the same rhetoric as Hitler did to fool and charm the German people ie make Germany great or in Trump the chumps case make America Great he is not even original just a cheap copycat Huckster not even a good used car salesman


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