Deputy PM’s Tourism Plan To Lure Celebrities To Australia Via Court Action Deemed Successful


National Party leader and aspiring tourism minister Barnaby Joyce has been lauded after his plan to lure celebrities to Australia via court action has been deemed a success with the arrival of Johnny Depp on the Gold Coast yesterday.

A spokesperson for the government told The (un)Australian: “When Barnaby first proposed the plan we thought he was mad, but then again we thought that already.

“But credit to him, he took Johnny Depp and his dogs to court and it worked, Johnny’s back in the country and who knows how much money he’ll spend on his trip, I mean if he buys a $5.50 coke and a $40 pack of cigarettes from the airport newsagent, it will be a boon for the economy.

“And dare we dream that he buys lunch from the airport? That alone could bring the budget back into surplus.”

No word yet on which celebrity Mr Joyce would target next. However, there was word going around that actor Richard Gere may be in his sights after it was alleged that he failed to declare a gerbil on his last trip to Australia.

Mark Williamson

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