Cold Sore Riddled Rex Hunt Denies Kissing Any Carp

rex hunt

Fishing expert Rex Hunt has laughed off any suggestions of a connection between a spattering of cold sores that have appeared on his lips and the release of the herpes virus into Australia’s feral carp population by the CSIRO.

“Yibbeter yibbeter. I just happen to have drunk from the same glass as someone with a cold sore,” said the former host of Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventure. “I haven’t been down by the banks of the River Murray River wearing my best cologne and pashing off any carp.”

Friends of the ex VFL star were concerned after red spots started appearing on his lips after a recent trip to Tocumwal. The trip coincided with the release of herpes infected carp into the Murray-Darling system by Barnaby Joyce and Christopher Pyne.

“There’s no truth at all to the rumours that Barnaby Joyce personally infected me with herpes in an effort to spread the disease at a much quicker rate,” said Hunt as he bathed his lips in a mixture of Lysine and rubbing alcohol. “I’m all for control of European carp who think they’re too good for the likes of me, and much prefer kissing Murray cod who put a bit of tongue into it. This is dizzy stuff folks.”

Peter Green

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