Andrew Bolt Calls For The Logies To Be Renamed The Lefties


Right-wing columnist and TV host Andrew Bolt has called for the TV Week Logies to be renamed ‘the Lefties’ after last night’s ceremony which saw Channel 10 personality Waleed Aly win the Gold Logie and Hall of Fame inductee Noni Hazlehurst comment on Australia’s refugee policy and diversity on television.

Speaking to The (un)Australian after the ceremony Mr Bolt said: “It may as well be called the Lefties rather than the Logies. I mean Waleed Ali, really? Where was the nomination for The Bolt Report? The show that when cancelled by Channel 10 was immediately snapped up by another network?

“Australian TV really does not give a fair go to the well-educated white man, I mean last night no white man won the gold logie nor were they inducted into the Hall of Fame, when will this discrimination end?”

The Minister for Communications could not be reached for comment. However, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott did speak on behalf of Mr Bolt, saying: “Andrew is a good man, the type of man that I believe belongs on TV. What this country needs is more Bolts and maybe an Abbott or two, now I’m off on the start of my no sniping or undermining tour of the country, you wouldn’t have an onion on you perchance?”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Andrew you are correct in everything you have said. You are a genuine honest person.


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