Victorian Premier Under Fire For Announcing Building Project Without Wearing Hi Vis

dan andrews

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews today copped a stern phone call from federal Labor for announcing a major building policy without wearing a fluro vest. A Labor insider told The (un)Australian that Mr Andrews received a phone call from Bill Shorten himself, asking why the premier wasn’t wearing his hi-vis vest.

The Liberal Party quickly jumped on the error, claiming that Labor was now showing signs of disunity and that Labor’s federal campaign was in tatters. “Who in their right mind would make a major building announcement while not wearing hi-vis, its just unprofessional and a major slight on the hard working politicians who always wear fluro while on the campaign trail,” one high-placed Liberal source commented.

Heath Spencer from Unions Victoria was also planning on making an official complaint to the Work Cover, noting: “Making major building and infrastructure announcements while not wearing hi-vis was dangerous and in breach of the unions OHS policies.”

The Victorian Premier’s office refused to comment, but said Mr Andrews was planning on making an official statement to the press as soon as they could find his vest.

Gus W Templeton

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