Jarryd Hayne Puts Hand Up For New Olympic Sport Of Sheep Tackling


Jarryd Hayne’s Olympic ambition is still burning brightly after this weekend’s London Sevens tournament, but he is now looking at a new Olympic sport after discovering he may be ineligible to play rugby due to strict drug testing laws. Sources say Hayne could line up in the team for the new exhibiton sport of Sheep Tackling .

ASADA spokesperson Ben Turner told The (un)Australian that Hayne would not be able to qualify for the Fijian Olympic team in Rugby Sevens as he hadn’t spent any time in a professional drug testing pool. “Jarryd used to play for Parramatta so he really needs to be drug tested. He’s sure to have some residual chemicals in his body after playing for the Eels.”

Management for Hayne, however, were quick to point out that their code-hoping star could still join the Australian team in the exhibition sport of Sheep Tackling. This year, the Rio organising committee has allowed each country to show one exhibition sport, with Sheep Tackling the Australian choice.

Captain of the Sheep Tackling team and King’s School Prefect Martin Bartholomew told The (un)Australian: “We invented sheep tackling, we are the best at it, we’ve had years of practice and if Jarryd wanted to join the team he would be a welcome addition.”

One obstacle to Hayne joined the King’s team in Rio is rumours of an approach to Hayne by the New Zealand Tackling Team, a fact the New Zealand side has strongly denied, pointing to their  long history of world-beating sheep tackling practices.

Gus W Templeton

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