Donald Trump Announces Hulk Hogan As His Vice-Presidential Candidate


Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has today announced that former professional wrestler and amatuer racist Hulk Hogan will join him in his run for the White House as his nominee for Vice-President.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Mr Trump explained: “Hulk represents the very best of America, he’s a winner, a former champion and look at the man, he’s big, muscled and such a healthy shade of orange”

“I tell you, with the Donald and the Hulkster we will make America great again, orange is the new black.”

Reached for comment on his new role, Mr Hogan said: “Let me tell you brother, the Hulkster and the Trumpster are going to run wild on America and the world, what you gonna do Hillary when Hulkamania comes running after you?”

Election pundits were not surprised by Mr Trump’s decision to appoint Hulk Hogan as his Vice-Presidential candidate, with most of them having tipped either Hogan or Trump’s ego as the likely nominee.

Mark Williamson

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