NSW Premier To Ban State Of Origin To Stop Cruelty


NSW Premier Mike Baird announced today that State of Origin would be banned after July 2017 to prevent cruelty to the State of NSW.

Last Night NSW won the game 18-14 but QLD won the 2016 series 2 games to 1, making it 10 series wins out of the previous 11 played. The Premier told The (un)Australian that: “After reading a comprehensive report from NSW Rugby League, there has been long term and systemic cruelty inflicted upon not only the NSW Blues players but also the people of NSW for the past 11 years. So as the elected leader of the people of NSW, I have decided that the 2017 series will be the last.”

News of the State or Origin ban has not been received well in Rugby league heartland. Brett Robertson from Mt Druitt instantly started doing burnouts in his Commodore as an act of defiance against the ban. Mr Robertson told The (un)Australian: “They can’t ban State of origin in NSW, so many people will lose their jobs, from Sheryl who pulls the beers at the Commercial, to Craig who works at the TAB and what are they going to do with the players, they can’t all be adopted out.’

The NSW Players association has also hit out at the ban posting on their Facebook page “Just because there’s been a few broken teeth and a couple of concussions doesn’t mean you should punish the 80% of players who still have most of their own teeth. If the Government really wanted to protect the players they would be better off banning Cronk, Thurston and Inglis #adoptabluesplayer.”

Gus W Templton

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