Sam Dastyari Ditches Halal Snackpacks For Chinese Takeout


Bill Shorten’s warm up act, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has revealed that he has ditched the halal snack pack and replaced it with Chinese takeout as his favourite food.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Senator Dastyari said: “I do love an halal snack pack, but there’s just something naughty about pigging out on $1600 worth of Chinese food, especially when someone else picks up the tab.”

The revelation of Senator Dastyari’s penchant for sneaky Chinese food has caused anger amongst his fellow politicians. However Labor’s shadow treasurer Chris Bowen defended Dastyari’s taste, saying: “I think it’s great that Sam is broadening his palette and helping the Australian people save money, I mean it’s not like he paid for the food himself?”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten could not be reached for comment as he was still completing his ‘victory’ lap of Australia following July’s Election, however it is believed he will discipline Dastyari by forcing him to go to yum cha with fellow Senator Pauline Hanson.

Mark Williamson

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