Cory Bernardi Pledges To ‘Make Australia Great Again’ By Staying Overseas

Cory bernardi

Conservative Senator Cory Bernardi has decided it is time to ‘Make Australia Great Again’ by extending his overseas posting indefinitely. The Senator, currently in New York to observe and heckle the United Nations, made the announcement in his weekly podcast.

Speaking to The (un)Australian via Skype, Senator Bernardi explained his decision, saying: “Australia used to be a great country then they went and did something stupid in electing me. I mean really what do I contribute to the public discourse, I shout a lot and other than opposing stuff like Marriage equality, Section 18 C and other humanitarian issues I will be no great loss.”

When asked what is next for him the Senator replied: “I will stick around New York for awhile, there is bound to be some riots following the US Election that I can join in on. From there who knows, I might join my good friend Wyatt Roy in the Middle East there’s a lot I can learn. For instance did you know that they throw gay people off a roof to their deaths, makes you think, huh.”

When reached for comment on Senator Bernardi’s permanent move overseas the Prime Minister replied that: “He will be missed and good on him, saves me having to ask Dutton to cancel his passport, exciting times.”

Mark Williamson

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