Man Covering Face With Australian Flag Calls For A Ban On The Burka


A spokesperson for the Aussiest of Aussie Patriots Front has today called on the Australian Government to ban the burka as they feel that  it’s not right for people to appear in public or on billboards with their face covered.

Speaking to The (un)Australian on the condition of anonymity whilst wearing an Australian flag to obscure their face the spokesperson said: “It’s not right you know, I mean good decent Aussies aren’t ashamed to show their faces but these people they come here and they don’t assimilate.”

“I mean those two girls on the billboard, if they were real Aussies they would have told the photographer to get that camera outta me face! Not smile while they take a picture. Unbelieveable.”

When asked why he refused to give his name or uncover his face the spokesperson said: “Mate what’s your problem? Wearing a mask is the Aussie way I mean look at our national hero Ned Kelly, he wore a mask and he’s tough as.”

Pressed on what’s the difference between Ned Kelly’s mask, an Aussie flag mask and a burka the spokesperson declared the interview over saying: “Oh Mate, enough with the questions you sound like my Ex, just ban the burka., Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the bank have you seen my motorbike helmet?”

Mark Williamson

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  1. A very brave!!! young girl hid a camera under a burka whilst wondering around the terrorist group ISIS. This factual situation was documented and the footage capture shown on out TV’s.. This girl needs an award for her bravery. The footage was very confronting.
    HOWEVER!! this alone justifies the burka ban.. You see the burka can not only conceal ones face but clearly other items also. Obviously one a camera.
    This point defeats “Checkmate” anyone’s argument for the burka to “Not Be Banned’.


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