Pauline Hanson To Boycott Trump’s Inauguration Over Black Tie Dress Code



Australian Senator Pauline Hanson has today issued a statement declaring that she will not be attending Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration despite being invited as she was uncomfortable with the black tie dress code.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Pauline Hanson explained her decision, saying: “At first I was excited to attend the inauguration of Mr Trump but then when my assistant read me the details of the invite I was appalled and disgusted that the event would be black tie. Please explain?”

“I mean why black tie when  we have a whole rainbow full of colours and that doesn’t include the greatest colour of them all white. The inauguration should be white tie that would definitely make things all-white to me.”

When asked who from One Nation would be representing the party at the inauguration Senator Hanson said: “At first I thought Malcolm Roberts would be the man however he refuses to step onto a plane without empirical evidence that the plane would not be spreading chem-trails. Then I thought Rod Culleton but he can’t afford it so we’re sending the other one, you know Busman.”

One Nation and Australia will be represented at Donald Trump’s inauguration by Senator Brian Burston, unless of course he does something really stupid in the next day or so. Sportsbet are offering 5 to 1 odds of this occurring.


Mark Williamson

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