PM Turnbull To Reshuffle Cabinet In A Game Of Three Card Monte



The Prime Minister has told the media that after seeing the movie Now You See Me 2 over the christmas break that he plans to reshuffle his cabinet in a game of three card monte.

Speaking to The (un)Australian an excited Prime Minister spoke of his plan, saying: “You know that I’m a very agile and innovative Prime Minister so when dear Sussan Ley told me of her plans to resign I said Malcolm this isn’t a setback but an opportunity.”

“So I gathered together some of the chaps put the Health ministry on the table shuffled the cards and gave everyone a chance to grab the Ministry. Tony Abbott was first up he picked the wrong card as did Eric Abetz, we offered Cory Bernardi a pick but he went off sulking because he had to wait his turn.”

“In the end good old Arthur Sinodinos picked correctly he said he learnt the game from a friend of his an Eddie Obeid fellow. Don’t know him myself but Arthur speaks very highly of him.”

When asked if there would be further changes to cabinet the Prime Minister replied: “Never say never, I think Julie Bishop has tickets to the Polo so that won’t end well and Greggy Hunt loves a good holiday, so I’ll keep my cards close to my chest for the moment, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to hustle some pool down at the club.”

Mark Williamson

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