Weather Almost Hot Enough For Nanna To Take Off Her Cardigan


With the thermometer hitting forty degrees in parts of Sydney this week Campsie Nanna, Betty Simpkins considered for a moment taking off her cardigan due to the heat, before deciding not too. Just in case she got a chill.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Betty explained her decision, saying: “Well it is a bit hot outside and I don’t like to use the oscillating fan too much as it eats up the electricity, so I thought well I could take off my cardigan but what if a cool change came through? I mean I’d hate to get a chill.”

Betty’s Grandson Miles who visits her during the school holidays while his parents are at work spoke of his amazement at his Nanna’s ability to absorb heat, saying: “It’s like 50 degrees in here and Nanna will not take off her cardigan let alone turn on the fan. And then to make matters worse she’ll have a hot cup of tea. Unbelievable.”

With the weather expected to stay in the high thirties for the next couple of weeks Betty was undecided on whether she would continue to wear her cardigan, saying: “Well with the hot weather I will change things up a bit, I won’t wear my pettycoat and stockings but I will keep the cardigan handy as you never know when the weather could turn.”

Mark Williamson

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