Trump Defends Trip To Russia To Talk ‘Trickle Down Economics’



President elect Donald Trump has defended a recent trip he took to Russia in which he delivered a private lecture to a group of young women in his hotel room on the subject of trickle down economics.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, President elect Trump defended the trip, saying: “These fake news outlets really have no idea, I mean where do they get off alleging that I was indulging in golden showers? I mean sure my shower in Trump tower is gold but that’s not the point.”

“All I did was demonstrate to a group of young beautiful women the benefits of trickle down economics. I mean I got relief and they got money, everybody wins.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin also spoke to The (un)Australian  in defense of his good friend Donald Trump, saying: “What happens between a man and his prostitutes in the privacy of his hotel room should stay between a man and his prostitutes and the Kremlin.”

“Unless of course a certain President elect does not uphold his end of the bargain in which case what happened in that hotel room will be shown to the entire world. NOw what room are you staying in again?”

Mark Williamson

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Mark Williamson

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