Pauline Hanson Calls On Families Of Victims Of Flight MH17 To Leave Vladimir Putin Alone

One Nation Senator and aspiring Minister for Foreign Affairs Pauline Hanson has called on the families of victims from downed Malaysian airlines flight MH17 to leave Russian President Vladimir Putin alone.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Hanson spoke glowingly of Vladimir Putin, saying: “Mr Putin is a strong leader and we need to respect that, therefore I call on these families to stop crying and getting all emotional and attacking President Putin.”

“Get over it, as a leader he has to make many tough choices and sometimes to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs.”

When reached for comment on Senator Hanson’s words, Australia’s current Foreign Minister was guarded in her response, saying: “Pauline can have an opinion, as you and I can have an opinion however we do not share that opinion. Understand? Now if you’ll excuse me I have a polo match to attend, I hear Nicole Kidman will be there, that’ll make a nice selfie for the collection.”

Mark Williamson

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