Pauline Hanson Demands Cadbury’s Removes The Turkish From Their Turkish Delight

Pauline Hanson claims chocolate company Cadbury’s is bowing down to Islamic extremists by continuing to sell Turkish Delight Easter eggs.

“Cadbury’s is making a mockery of the tradition of Easter which is a holy Christian holiday that celebrates when Jesus invented chocolate,” said senator Hanson. “I’m pretty sure the Bible doesn’t mention bilbies either, though I haven’t read all of it yet, especially the part about loving your fellow man as Jesus loved us.”

“We thought we’d get away with renaming Aussie Delight as Turkish Delight to appease our backers in the Caliphate,” admitted Cadbury’s chief of halal fundraising Ray Flake. “Now that Pauline is onto us we’ll have to find another way to raise the cash to keep ISIS afloat.”

Pauline Hanson has also expressed outrage at the sale of Mars Bar Easter eggs.

“Please explain why we’re importing chocolates from Mars when we could be buying them from Earth and keeping the jobs on our own planet,” said the One Nation leader. “Woe betide Cadbury’s if they try to rename Snack as Snack Pack.”

Peter Green

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3 replies

  1. I haven’t bought Cadbury’s since finding out they used uncertified palm oil and now they insult us by halal certification.

    You are a disgrace Cadbury.

    Yours sincerely,

    Elizabeth Shanahan



  2. Do you want your chocolate certified or not??
    Is palm oil halal?


  3. I’m surprised Pauline Hanson hasn’t asked the Turks to change the name of Gallipoli to something more Australian and Queenslandish like Roma.

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