Kim Jong Un Calls For A Ceasefire To Allow The Easter Bunny To Visit North Korea


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has contacted the United Nations to organise a ceasefire of hostilities over the Easter weekend in order to allow the Easter bunny to visit his country.

A spokesperson for the United Nations spoke to The (un)Australian about the ceasefire request, saying: “Kim Jong Un contacted us himself and called for a hold on all military actions over the Easter weekend. Apparently he was expecting a delivery from the Easter bunny and did not wish for his eggs to be harmed.”

Easter is a special time in North Korea, not for religious reasons but simply for the chocolate eggs and rabbits. Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jong Il is credited in North Korea as inventing Easter in order to celebrate his discovery of chocolate.

The (un)Australian endeavoured to contact the North Korean government for comment however they were busy conducting an Easter egg hunt, of which Kim Jong Un is expected to win.

Mark Williamson

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