Turnbull Amends 457 Visa To Allow Australia To Recruit Skilled Politicians

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a change to the 457 working visa that will now make it easier for Australians to recruit skilled politicians from overseas.

Speaking to The (un)Australian the Prime Minister explained the decision, saying: “A lot of people think that I’m out of touch and don’t listen, but they’re mistaken. I’ve heard the complaints and know that the average Australian wants a better calibre of politician, one with ideas, integrity and vision. Like Justin Trudeau, isn’t he dreamy.”

“So now Australians don’t have to vote for Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull they can vote for  anyone they want; Justin Trudeau, Xi Jinping or dare I say it Donald Trump. Exciting times.”

Opposition leader Tony Abbott said of the move: “Let’s not jump too far ahead, why would Australians want an overseas leader when they have talented politicians here. I mean Kevin Andrews, Eric Abetz and dare I say it Myself will lead this country in the right direction. No pun intended.”

Mark Williamson


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