Tony Abbott Calls On All Men To Boycott Fernwood Fitness Centre

Opposition leader Tony Abbott has come out strongly against what he deems an ‘anti-men’ agenda, calling it ‘politically correct madness’ and demanding all men boycott the women only gym Fernwood Fitness.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Abbott said: “Look as a former Minister for Women I know what the ladies want. They want to work out in a gym that’s clean, safe and dare I say it stacked with a bit of eye candy.”

“It is not right that in Australia someone as fit as I am is turned away from a gym due to my gender. That is discrimination and the Government needs to address this.”

When reached for comment a spokesperson for Fernwood Fitness was surprisingly supportive of Mr Abbott’s call for a boycott, saying: “We hope Mr Abbott holds strong on a boycott of our centres. As we are sick of him rocking up to our gyms in his speedos trying to bench press our reception desk.”

Mark Williamson

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