Workplace Bullying To Be Demonstration Sport At Next Olympics

The Australian Olympic Committee was celebrating last night after successfully getting workplace bullying included as a demonstration sport at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

“No-one’s trained harder than us at their workplace bullying and we’ll be disappointed with anything less than a gold medal,” said Australia’s head workplace bullying coach Ross Wedgie. “We’re definite favourites in the 100 yard female executive denigration and our synchronised belittling and death threat team just won the world championships in Madrid.”

Australia is expected to face a strong challenge in the 4 X 100 metre sexual harassment relay with the USA expected to field a very competitive team headed by Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby.

“The yanks will be hard to knock off but we’ve got some good up and comers in the ranks of the Melbourne University branch of the Young Liberals vying for spots on the team,” said AOC executive Barry Allhandsy. “Australia’s strength is our very strong grassroots workplace bullying culture.”

The AOC will be meeting to discuss bullying in its own ranks at a special meeting to be held behind the bike sheds after work.

Peter Green

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