Pringles Listed As A Class 1 Narcotic As People Unable To Stop After They Pop


Shares in Pringles chips are down following the government’s decision to list the product as a class 1 narcotic. The move comes after a spate of people were unable to stop consuming the chip after they pop the top of the packet.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Detective Inspector Dave Potato said: “We had our suspicions about Pringles, I mean who tries to market green curry flavoured chips? So we went undercover and we found that they were a dangerous and highly addictive substance.

“One poor addict we observed almost dislocated his wrist trying to get the Pringles out of the packet.”

Due to the change in classification, Pringles chips will only be able to be legally consumed in a designated chip ingesting centre in King’s Cross.

Police have also issued an arrest warrant for Mr Pringle. If the public see him, they are warned not to approach as it’s feared he is armed and has a chip on his shoulder.

Mark Williamson

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