Tony Abbott Urges ASIO To Name The ABC As A Terrorist Group

Abbott PosterTony Abbott has openly criticised ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis for pussyfooting around and not addressing the terrorist threat posed by the ABC.

“I’ve read every holy book from all the great religions and only the ABC Charter specifically includes the line ‘encouraging the arts’, which is pretty much a call for violent action against the terminally dim,” said the former PM in an interview with Ray Hadley.

“Every bomb I’ve ever seen in a James Bond movie has one of those displays on it that counts down the last ten seconds before it explodes. Count… Down… I rest my case.”

Mr Abbott called on what he called “decent” members of the ABC community, such as business reporter Ticky Fullerton, to speak out against the evil being done by the “innovative and comprehensive” arm of the public broadcaster.

“ASIO should stop tiptoeing around and start doing its job which is to arrest everyone I reckon is a terrorist,” said the Warringah backbencher. “They could start by rounding up the Red Wiggle, he’s obviously a commie, and while they’re at it Big Bird and the rest of his chums from Sesame Street could do with a spell in Guantanamo Bay.

“Most terrorists can spell and count and we all know where that sort of thing starts.”

Mr Abbott acknowledged that not all ABC programs were a terror threat, citing the fact they used to show The Black And White Minstrel Show back in the 1970s.

Peter Green

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