‘Fatty’ Vautin to star in ‘Hanson: The Musical’

With Pauline Hanson’s One Nation constantly in the daily news cycle, it was only matter of time before Senator Hanson’s political life would be made into a full musical. The production will feature songs by Hanson (the band), and produced by the same company who brought us Bernardi The Musical, Abetz The Musical, and Christensen The Buffet.

Fellow Queenslander and Footy Show star Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin, is attached to play Pauline Hanson. “I’ve had lots of experience in drag [laughs], and I’ve been called Pauline 30 years in a row at the grand final revues.” Sources say that songs will include ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips Shop’ to the tune of ’MMMbop’ and other lesser known Hanson songs, which will bring the former Member of Oxley’s last 20 years to life at Sydney’s State Theatre and the Riverlink Shopping Centre, Ipswich next year.

Vautin continued “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to play a character with superpowers – and being able to sing what everybody is apparently thinking will be great. I just hope we have eleven commercial breaks like on The Footy Show, or I’ll be out of puff!”

A support cast is yet to be announced, but early rumours suggest that David Campbell will play David Oldfield, because he’s closely dealt with an Islamophobic women before. Vautin adds, “I wouldn’t mind getting The Big Marn in there as a George Christensen cameo too!” It’s believed that Vautin will debut a song during the 2016 NRL Grand Final, and a CD exclusive to truck stops will be released at Christmas to build hype.

Jonas Holt

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  1. a great musical would be HansonTrump, the musical

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  2. Paul’s resemblance to Pauline is striking. Or perhaps frightening.

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