Malcolm Turnbull Joins Cast Of Saturday Night Live

Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull will quit politics to join the cast of Saturday Night Live after producer Lorne Michaels spotted his turn impersonating Donald Trump at the Canberra Midwinter Open Mic Comedy Night.

“This Aussie guy’s Trump impression knocks Alec Baldwin into a cocked hat,” said Michaels after viewing footage of the PM’s tight five minute set. “He also does this great character of a posh dude trying to act like a man of the people. It’s an absolute riot.”

Donald Trump is reportedly less than impressed by Turnbull’s act.

“I want to see what his Serge Kovaleski looks like before I start heaping any praise on him,” said the President. “If he can nail the funny disabled guy routine than he might just be what SNL needs to stop it going down the gurgler.”

Michaels has returned to New York with Pauline Hanson’s signature on a contract, saying that he may have found the next Carrot Top.

Peter Green

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