Abbott Calls For An End To Vaccinating Kids Against Islamophobia

Former Prime Minister and aspiring Opposition leader Tony Abbott has called on parents to stop vaccinating their children against Islamophobia.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Abbott talked through his call saying: “Look as a former Minister for Health I can say with 100% authority that Islamophobia has never hurt anyone, well except for a few muslims and some bystanders but on the whole there is no harm in it.”

“I mean look how much Pauline Hanson has benefited from Islamophobia.”

“Parents need to let kids be kids, a bit of bullying is a great way to build confidence,I have a lot of friends who used to be bullies.”

When pressed on how Islamophobia would affect Islamic people Mr Abbott said: “Look there will be side effects to this but you know sometimes you have to break a few eggs when making an all-white omelette.”

Mark Williamson

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