Calls For AFL Player Bachar Houli’s On-Field Strike To Be Declared A Terrorist Incident

Talk back radio is up in arms today over Richmond player Bachar Houli’s two week suspension for striking Carlton player Jed Lamb, with callers suggesting Houli’s actions be declared a terrorist incident.

Calling in to radio station 6DF’s show, Footy, Footy, Footy, Footy!, Barry from Werribee said: “Mate it’s a disgrace Houli should have been rubbed out for life and sent to Guantanamo Bay and while they’re at it send Nat Fyfe and any other player with a man-bun. It’s not on.”

Houli, who appeared before the tribunal with character references from Prime Minister at the time of writing Malcolm Turnbull and Channel 10 personality at the time of writing Waleed Ali, was unavailable for comment.

On suggestions Houli’s two-week ban was insufficient , AFL CEO Gil McLaughlin told The (un)Australian: “Two weeks might sound lenient but don’t forget he is also forced to play for Richmond. That’s almost as tough as having to barrack for them.”

In other fall-out from yesterday’s tribunal hearing, West Coast Eagles player William Schoefield was cleared of striking Melbourne player Clayton Oliver. But any disappointment felt by the Demons midfielder over the verdict was alleviated by news this morning that he’d won a coveted scholarship to NIDA.

Mark Williamson

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