NSW Welfare Recipients To Be Tested To Ensure They Keep Gambling

Following the Federal Government’s decision to test welfare recipients for drug use, the NSW State Government has announced they will also be testing welfare recipients to ensure they are still gambling.

“We need to keep our gaming industry strong as we can’t just rely on stamp duty and selling stuff off to keep funding the State,” said NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian. “I mean eventually we will have sold everything off and only be left with people and we can’t sell people or maybe we can.”

When pressed on the social ramifications of problem gambling the Premier said: “You worry too much, most of the problem gamblers don’t live in my electorate so it’s all good. And if they did live out my way well they can afford a splurge or two on the pokies. Plenty of equity in a North Shore house.”

NSW Labor leader Luke Foley when reached for comment said: “Stay away from greyhound racing, there’s no problems here. Dogs love to run and chase and be baited. Ask them, go on that one’s wagging his tail.”

Mark Williamson


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