Bob Katter Demands Bob Downe Stop Using His Name And Haircut

Politician and published author Bob Katter has issued a press release in which he demands popular entertainer Bob Downe cease and desist from using the name Bob. As well he has asked the entertainer to change his hairstyle in order to stop people confusing the pair.

“I love the name Bob, as a boy growing up in the bush people used to say there goes Bob Katter what a gay little fellow,” reminisced Bob Katter. “But not now, I can’t be called gay anymore or Bob. Now they call me ‘mad Katter’ which is not fair as I’m not always mad, sometimes I’m crazy.”

When asked when was the last time someone confused him for Bob Downe Mr Katter replied: “Just the other day I was walking around a cinema and someone said oi you Bob, down in front.”

Mr Katter plans on putting a motion before the parliament to reclaim the words ‘gay’ and ‘Bob’. As he holds the balance of power and is not a dual citizen his motion is likely to succeed.

Mark Williamson

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  1. and his hat…


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