‘Your Son Will Be Forced To Wear A Dress’ Says Anti-NRL Footy Show Ad


The postal vote on whether the NRL Footy Show should be allowed to stay on air has turned ugly with the release of a campaign ad supporting the “no” vote featuring a mother claiming her son will be forced to wear a dress.

“Kids from AFL states are being asked to role play being rugby league fans,” claims an actress pretending to be a concerned mother in the controversial ad. “When this program was shown in countries that don’t even have Lowes stores it became compulsory to dress your kids up in matching flannelette shirts.”

Producers of the NRL Footy Show have hit back claiming the ad is misleading and based on out of date prejudices against the show.

“We haven’t made one of those skits where we dress Fatty Vautin up as a sheila for more than 10 years,” said Channel Nine spokesperson Bunny Skrum. “I can assure people in AFL states that watching the NRL Footy Show won’t make your kids suddenly demand that sporting contests become more than just a two hour long fumble fest.”

“A yes vote for the NRL Footy Show would be a wonderful result for those young people out there in the community who believe that you shouldn’t get a point for being near enough,” said pro-NRL Footy Show campaigner Neville Nuffy. “We support umpires who openly want to award a try simply by blowing their whistle and pointing rather than going through a whole lot of bollocks involving waving big white flags around.”

Peter Green

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  1. 26 Men. Chasing a Testicle. With the Burning Need To Touch Each Other. This Summer They’ll be Doing It In Dresses. Rugby League , don’t miss a thing. O_O


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