Bob Katter Condemns Elton John Over Crocodile Rock

Australian politician Bob Katter has condemned singer Elton John over his 1973 hit song Crocodile Rock claiming the song is pro-crocodile and anti-far north Queenslander.

“Can you believe the hide on this fella, millions of people are in danger from these vicious crocodiles and this bloke wants to sing to them,” said Mr Katter. “I mean what does he have against Queenslanders.”

“Why can’t it be the Queenslander rock or the Bob Katter rock instead of the bloody Crocodile Rock.”

When asked whether he would like to sit down and discuss his concerns with the singer Mr Katter replied: “You want me to talk with him, sure let’s have a tea party Elton, Me and a couple of crocs I’ll bring the scones. Do you think he’d want strawberry or apricot jam?”

The issue of Marriage equality and Elton John’s marriage to his husband David Furnish was not raised with Mr Katter as this reporter did not wish to be shot.

Mark Williamson

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