President Trump Sells Naming Rights For White House To McDonald’s

American President Donald Trump has announced that he has sold the naming rights for the White House to McDonald’s in exchange for free cheeseburgers for life.

“What a great deal and what a beautiful name, ‘The McDonald’s Quarter Pounder White House’ it rolls off the tongue doesn’t it,” said a jubilant President Trump. “You know a lot of people out there they doubt me, they mock me but what other President can do a deal as good as this.”

“I mean I get free cheeseburgers for life, Bill Clinton doesn’t get that.”

When asked whether other significant American monuments could be for sale President Trump replied: “Absolutely, already we are in talks with Trojan condoms to sponsor the Washington monument and I believe that we have a deal with Selleys gap filler to sponsor and fill the Grand Canyon.”

“I told you I would make America great again.”

As part of the naming rights deal for the White House all schools in America will be replacing their cafeterias with McDonald’s outlets. In order to allow the children to eat like a President.

Mark Williamson

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  1. If our corporate puppet masters put their names on what they’ve bought, at least it’d be more honest.

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