Dastyari Calls For NYE Fireworks To Be Moved To Chinese New Year

Soon to be former Senator Sam Dastyari has called upon the NSW State Government to move the traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks from New Year’s Eve to the Chinese new year, which falls on the 16th of February.

“It just makes so much sense I mean think of the tourism dollars such a move would create.” Said Mr Dastyari. “I mean I can’t believe this hasn’t been done years ago.”

When asked where the idea for such a move came from Mr Dastyari said: “I was having a little gathering at my place you know a couple of mates a couple of Waygu steaks on the barbie when my old mate Huang Xingmao came up with the idea.”

“It didn’t take him long to sell me on it and I said Huang consider it done.”

The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian could not be reached for comment however Opposition Leader (Yes NSW does have one) Luke Foley was available and he said: “We should move the Fireworks to the opening of Greyhound racing season the dogs would love it.”

Mark Williamson


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