High Court Rules Tasmanian Senator Can Wear Two Hats

The High Court has ruled Devonport mayor Steve Martin eligible to replace Jacqui Lambie in the senate after finding that it is not a conflict of interest for him to be both the head of a political party and the head of a municipal body.

“I’m absolutely beside myself. Due to our small population Tasmanians have to multitask to keep the state running so it’s not unusual to find an individual who wears several hats,” said the jubilant Mr Martin. “For example Ricky Ponting was head of the Australian cricket team and head spokesperson for Swisse Ultivites. That’s two impressive heads right there.”

The court ruled that only one of Mr Martin’s heads comes under the crown, leaving him free to wear whatever he likes in his role as mayor. The court also added they really liked him in All Of Me and The Jerk, but weren’t such a big fan the Pink Panther or Father Of The Bride.

Peter Green

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