Unpopular Person Enters Popularity Contest

One of Australia’s most unpopular people Lyle Shelton has announced on the weekend that he will be quitting his job and contesting the next Federal election as a candidate for Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservative party.

“I’m confident that I can win some sort of public poll this year,” said Mr Shelton. “I mean Malcolm Roberts made it in to parliament with 77 votes I’m confident of at least getting 80 or even 90 votes at a stretch. I mean already my Mum and cousin have said they’ll think about voting for me, so that’s a win.”

When reached for comment leader of the Australian Conservatives Cory Bernardi said of Lyle Shelton, “Lyle is everything we want in a candidate. He’s brash, arrogant, male and white and he makes me look like less of a tool.”

“It’s time Australia started listening to us. For too long the middle-class white male has been ignored and shunned. The Australian Conservatives wil rectify this by delivering a better way for us white middle-class males.”

A Federal election is tipped to be held later this year. Lyle Shelton and Cory Bernardi are tipped to have a falling out sometime straight after the election.

Mark Williamson


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