Greens Declare Milkshake & Hamburger Tax Cut Offensive To Vegans

The Greens have come out on the attack over Scott Morrison’s Budget with their anger directed at the Treasurer’s $10 a week tax cut or the milkshake and a hamburger tax cut as it’s being called, as the party feels this is offensive to Vegans.

“What a low act declaring a tax cut the equivalent of buying a milkshake and a hamburger, why couldn’t they have used mung beans and a lentil shake instead,” said a Greens Spokesperson. “I mean these analogies are offensive to the Vegan community and not to mention those among us who are lactose intolerant. This is so typical of this Government putting meat before people and totally ignoring the mung bean munchers amongst us.”

When reached for comment on why he sought to offend Vegans the Treasurer replied: “You’re kidding. It is a tax cut you can spend it on what you want. Mung beans, lamb shanks, donating it to the IPA, whatever makes you happy. Just do it.”

The Greens have not ruled out a national day of action to protest the budget and are putting out a call for all vegan, bio fuelled food trucks to get in touch for catering purposes.

Mark Williamson

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